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Cindy's Cents has specialized in custom elongated coins and penny machines since 2006.  Custom elongates are great advertising for your business or coin club.  They are perfect for weddings or 'Save The Date’ notices, birthdays, anniversaries, and group events.   There’s nothing like having your own custom coins!

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Elongated coins are the official name for these type of souvenir coins.  Other common names are pressed pennies, squished pennies, smashed pennies, rolled-out pennies, and ‘awesome penny' which is what children often say!

Cindy's Cents is a regional elongated penny machine company located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  In addition to custom coins, we have machines at locations in West Virginia, Virginia and now a few in Maryland.   Please visit our business partners, but if you can’t make it there, coins from our machines are available for purchase through the website at the cost of 75 cents each.  Special pricing is available for coins on our GENERAL COINS page.  

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Here’s what you’ll find on our website:

Click the tabs across the top to view the many offerings on our website.  Below is a short overview of each tab.

WV, VA and MD show all the coins to view and/or purchase from our current machines.  

GENERAL COINS are available for purchase in quantity at special prices.  These are often requested for birthdays, holidays, and by church and school groups.  They make great inserts for cards, handouts at events, etc.  

CUSTOM COINS are a Cindy's Cents specialty!  If you have an interest in having a custom elongated, this tab is where you’ll want to visit for information.

SUPPLIES  is where you'll find blank cover penny albums and some of the coins available from machines that have been removed, dies changed, etc.  The coins available from this category will change periodically so get them while you can!

INFO/LINKS will take you to the web links for the establishments where our machines are located.  We hope you will visit and support these businesses.  You will also find some of our You Tube videos and some of our favorite links here.

Thanks for visiting!  If you have questions for us at Cindy’s Cents, you’ll find contact information under the CONTACT US tab.   

Cindy’s Cents provides professional results and outstanding customer service.  

I am the President of The Elongated Collectors (TEC), a member of Women in Numismatics (WINand a Life member of the following organizations:  American Numismatic Association (ANA),  the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) and the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) .  

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