SPECIALS, Yesterday’s Elongateds, Supplies, etc. 

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Yesterday’s Elongateds:  The book Yesterday’s Elongateds (YE) by Dottie Dow and Lee Martin documents elongated from 1893 until the mid 1960s.  I have a large number of elongateds listed in YE available.  The availability changes depending on sales, collection purchases, etc.  If you are looking for a specific elongated from YE, contact me.  You can purchase the book from The Elongated Collectors website ($40 for non-members and $25 for TEC members).



Periodically a limited number of coins or sets will be announced first to those who follow the Cindy’s Cents Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ElongatedPenny.  When these special are available, a purchase link will be listed below.    

Supplies:  A blank front elongated penny album is usually available.  Click the link below for more information

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